The Department of Defense awards Enexor BioEnergy a SERDP-ESTCP grant to address high-priority environmental needs affecting the U.S. Navy.

Funding will be utilized to install novel Bio-CHP systems at a U.S. Naval facility.

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (May 1st, 2023) – Enexor BioEnergy (Enexor), of Franklin, Tenn., a manufacturer of a renewable energy and carbon conversion solution to help solve the world’s organic, biomass, and plastic waste problems, today announced that it has been awarded a demonstration grant from the Department of Defense’s Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (“ESTCP”). The funding will be utilized to demonstrate its novel Bio-CHP system at a U.S. Navy installation to convert organic and plastic waste into resilient, renewable energy.

The ESTCP program was launched as part of the Department of Defense’s (“DoD”) efforts to demonstrate and validate promising innovative environmental and energy technologies and methodologies that address its high-priority environmental requirements. ESTCP demonstrations are conducted at DoD facilities and sites to document improved efficiency, reduced liability, improved environmental outcomes, and direct cost savings. Enexor was one of five companies selected to address the Topic: “Energy Resilience on DoD Installations.”

Enexor will utilize the funding to install its Bio-CHP renewable energy and carbon conversion system at a U.S. Navy installation with the primary goal and application of providing landfill diversion of organics and plastic waste streams and onsite renewable energy by converting it into grid-independent, renewable energy while offsetting greenhouse gases. The funding will further catalyze Enexor’s ongoing demonstration and pilot efforts to redirect Navy’s waste streams into high-value uses while mitigating Climate Change.

Enexor’s patented Bio-CHP system converts almost any combination of organic, plastic or biomass waste into reliable, renewable power and thermal energy while concurrently reducing carbon emissions, creating carbon and plastic credits, and ultimately mitigating climate change. Modular and easily transportable, the plug-and-play design of this powerful system allows for quick deployment and on-site mobilization in most places around the world. Enexor’s unique business model also enables immediate customer cost savings and environmental sustainability.

This selection builds on Enexor’s tremendous growth, which has seen it quickly being recognized worldwide as a leading renewable energy solution to combat Climate. To that end, Enexor was previously awarded an xTechSBIR Grant from the U.S. Army and a testing contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to expedite the achievement of our military’s energy and sustainability goals. Notable other honors have included securing a Series A investment from BorgWarner Inc. (NYSE: BWA), being selected into the 100+ Accelerator sponsored by AB InBev (NYSE: BUD), Unilever (NYSE: UL), Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO), and Colgate-Palmolive (NYSE: CL), Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Climate Change Accelerator, Halliburton Company’s (NYSE: HAL) Clean-Tech Labs Accelerator, winning the United Nations World Tourism Sustainable Development Goals Startup Competition, and winning the OCBC Banks and SATS Ltd. Sustainability Innovation Challenge and being recognized as the “Most Innovative” startup at CapitaLand Sustainability Challenge 2022.

About Enexor BioEnergy
Enexor BioEnergy provides on-site, renewable energy and carbon conversion solutions to help solve the world’s organic waste and plastic waste problems. Enexor’s patented bioenergy system derives value from organic and plastic waste by producing 24/7 continuous power and thermal energy for facilities and microgrids worldwide. Enclosed within a 20-foot custom shipping container, the Bio-CHP systems are designed to be deployable next to a retail store in the United States, hurricane-exposed areas in the Caribbean or a village in Africa. Enexor manufactures its systems at its headquarters in Franklin, Tenn., a Nashville suburb. More at



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SVP, Enexor BioEnergy