How does Enexor’s Bio-CHP™ generate electricity?

The Bio-CHP™ system is different from other bioenergy technologies in that it does not use gasification as a means of power generation. Instead, Bio-CHP™ units use a patented combustion process that breaks down material at a molecular level, leaving only the inorganic elements to be collected as ash.

Enexor’s organic waste fuel supplies do not contain lead, sulphur and other heavy metals. As such, the ash is non-toxic and can at times be used for a variety of agricultural and industrial applications depending on the organic waste fuel source. This process makes the Bio-CHP™ system extremely clean, meeting both US and EU emissions standards and PM2.5 particulate standards – which is the highest global standard. Additionally, this process allows the Bio-CHP™ unit to safely expand acceptable feedstocks, which includes most plastics.